Solana-Based NFT Marketplace to Expand Into Ethereum

Solana-Based NFT Marketplace to Expand Into Ethereum

Since its start in 2021, the marketplace has intended to extend outside of the Solana ecosystem, according to Larisa Barbu, COO of

The well-known Solana-based digital art marketplace will soon add support for Ethereum to its platform and make it multichain.

On August 1, the integration will launch with more than 80 Ethereum-based artists, including Amber Vittoria and Patrick Amadon, who are both included in Sotheby’s “Glitch Art” sale.

The non-fungible token (NFT) trade volume for Ethereum in the last day was $10.2 million, according to statistics from analytics site CryptoSlam! Solana came in second with little over $920,000.

According to Larisa Barbu, COO of, the company has always had the intention of growing beyond Solana and hopes to accomplish so by bringing on new producers and collectors.

The goal of, according to Barbu, is to serve as a center for digital art while also gradually developing solutions for conventional art.

Being multichain is simply the next step in this path because it is the goal and where we want to go.

She also stated that many artists find it difficult to sell their creations on several markets and ecosystems, but doing so on enables them to take advantage of the two biggest NFT ecosystems in a single location.

“[Artists] would very much prefer to actually maintain only one platform and one community, instead of [always] juggling between two or three platforms, two or three communities, always updating information between the three of them, communicating with people on all of those platforms, and so on.” Barbu explained.

“It was actually a decision that we took because we had demand for it, from an artist perspective – and it will help quite a lot of artists.”

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