Polygon Sells More NFTs Than Solana

Polygon Sells More NFTs Than Solana – Big Numbers Revealed!

Solana and Polygon, these blockchain platforms, are doing their thing in the world of NFTs. But guess what? Polygon is selling way more NFTs than Solana right now. Let’s learn why Polygon sells more NFTs than Solana.

Check this out: In the last 24 hours, CryptoSlam shared some numbers. Polygon sold NFTs worth $10.5 million, while Solana only sold $4.1 million worth. That’s more than double for Polygon!

Solana’s sales dropped by 17.17% to $4.5 million, while Polygon boomed up by 84.94% to $9 million. Quite a jump, right?

Ethereum and Bitcoin Holding Strong

One reason for this is that Solana had a 15% decrease in trading, while Polygon saw an 11.94% increase. Also, Polygon has a bigger trading figure called ‘Wash trading,’ which is $858,631 compared to Solana’s $175,493.

But hold on, Ethereum is still the big boss in this NFT world, selling $13.4 million worth despite a slight drop. Even Bitcoin is in the game with $13,016,115 in sales, not bad for something not always linked to NFTs!

Polygon’s Rise and Vitalik’s Insights

In the last 30 days, Bitcoin and Ethereum are leading, with $872.7 million and $709.7 million in sales respectively. Solana and Polygon also did well, reaching about $334 million and $99.4 million in sales.

Here’s an interesting twist: Even though Solana had more traders (12,740), Polygon with fewer traders (12,440) sold more. It seems like NFTs on Polygon might be seen as more valuable.

Polygon Sells More NFTs Than Solana

Polygon is getting more investors too! They’re right behind Ethereum with 10,642 investors, leaving Bitcoin behind at 6,898. It’s showing up as one of the top 5 networks for NFTs, alongside Avalanche.

This is a big deal! More people are joining Polygon, which explains why they’re selling so many NFTs. It’s like a race in the crypto world, just like in traditional finance.

Remember when Solana was in the spotlight for beating Ethereum in trading? Well, now Polygon is in the lead. Vitalik Buterin, a big name in crypto, even thinks these layer-2 solutions, like Polygon, are becoming really important. He’s pushing for more developments to make them easier to use.

Polygon’s growth is quite unique, even more so with an increase in daily users. It’s a whole new world in crypto, and things are heating up!

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