Play-for-Gold: This game backs in-game NFTs with physical golden eggs

Play-for-Gold: This game backs in-game NFTs with physical golden eggs

Reddit has unveiled the fourth generation of its NFT Collectible Avatars, designed to evoke a sense of nostalgic warmth for avid collectors.

Simultaneously, Amazon has reinforced its commitment to the Web3 movement by enhancing its blockchain tools within the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.

Moreover, we engaged in a conversation with prominent Web3 influencers to explore their perspectives on the potential migration of crypto enthusiasts from Twitter to platforms like Meta’s Threads or other decentralized social media alternatives.

It seems these influencers aren’t quite prepared to bid farewell to the Twitterverse just yet.

This Week’s Alpha

Web3 gaming has grown to become a key element of the blockchain ecosystem since its creation.

In comparison to nonfungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and social networks, blockchain-based games continue to hold a strong position, accounting for 36% of on-chain wallet activity, according to the most recent Q2 data from DappRadar and BGA.

A key factor in the growth of the Web3 gaming industry is the rise of the play-to-earn (P2E) trend, which enables players to use gameplay mechanics to buy in-game tokens and NFTs.

Blockchain-based P2E games are constantly improving their features to improve player benefits, just like any other emerging trend.

This development is made possible by blockchain technology’s openness and traceability of digital ownership, which allows in-game assets to be given real-world worth and treatment.

P2E evolved to play for gold

The new Web3 game Golden Egg Wonderland, which is supported by the FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project, proposes a ground-breaking “play-for-gold” idea, bridging the gap between virtual entertainment and the real world.

Players in this game have the intriguing opportunity to trade real golden eggs for NFT certificates, all within the context of the game’s richly detailed world.

Golden Egg Wonderland gives players the opportunity to capture, raise, and engage in crossbreeding activities in order to get NFT eggs.

It draws its inspiration from the timeless wisdom of Aesop’s Fables. Every fresh egg in the game has the intriguing possibility of developing into a golden egg.

Players may catch eggs or birds using the game map after logging in to the game on iOS or Android devices with a FRUITS Wallet.

On the FRUITS NFT Marketplace, users may also sell the birds they’ve raised, buy birds from other merchants, and exchange eggs.

AI-operated gold reserves

Based on the quantity of gold actually held in the real world, artificial intelligence (AI) is used to calculate the monthly production rate and maximum production of gold eggs.

In the crossbreeding process, a coefficient determined from the status and rarity of the birds affects how rare the eggs are.

On the official website and social media sites, the gold supply will be updated on a monthly basis.

To increase their likelihood of acquiring a Golden Egg NFT, which they can exchange for actual gold at specific shops, gamers will be encouraged to nurture and crossbreed birds.

The roadmap to P4G

Golden Egg Wonderland’s beta version debuts in July 2023 and includes the game’s fundamentals, such as catching birds and eggs, hatching, nurturing, and crossbreeding.

Bird-on-bird combat and associated PvP prizes, a friends list, user-to-user trade capabilities, and traceability of gold supply features are all planned as part of the first stage of a one-year roadmap by the development team.

The second phase, which begins in late 2023, will introduce location-specific capabilities that are made possible by GPS location sync.

Based on the user’s position, the game will choose the kind and power of the birds that emerge. It will also issue NFT tickets, allowing the player to go to other in-game nations depending on how far they have travelled.

The following stage will witness the formal release of Golden Egg Wonderland on iOS and Android devices, as well as the beginning of a real location for exchanging gold egg NFTs with actual gold in early 2024.

Players will be able to construct their islands after the game’s full launch using stamina or FRTS, the FRUITS Eco-Blockchain Project’s native coin.

Golden Egg Wonderland’s Play-for-Gold feature seeks to provide players the opportunity to experience a genuine gold-mining game by integrating real-world aspects into Web3 gaming.

In a sustainable GameFi economy, where players may amass a gold portfolio by taking part in Web3 games, the value of NFTs is secured in gold.

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