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We are committed to providing the best information on this NFT drop calendar for the nft space. Uncover top Ethereum NFT projects, upcoming Eth Nft drops. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of NFTs and embrace limitless possibilities.

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What is Ethereum NFT Calendar on NFT Giant?

This Ethereum NFT Calendar is a feature on NFT Giant that provides a comprehensive schedule of upcoming NFT releases. It's designed to keep enthusiasts and investors informed about the latest Ethereum NFT projects.

How often is the Ethereum NFT Calendar updated?

Our Ethereum NFT Calendar is updated regularly to ensure our users have the most current information about upcoming NFT releases. We strive to keep the calendar as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

How can I get my NFT project featured on the Calendar?

If you're an NFT creator or project owner, you can submit your project for consideration to be featured on our calendar. Please visit our 'Submit Your Nft Project' section for guidelines and submission forms.

Are the NFT projects on the Calendar verified?

We strive to provide reliable and authentic information. However, we encourage users to do their own research and double check these projects from thier website, social media accounts and the project community.

How do I use this Ethereum NFT Calendar?

Our Ethereum NFT Calendar is user-friendly and updated regularly. You can view upcoming NFT projects and see details like release dates, project descriptions, and links to creators' websites or social media for more information.

Can I list my Ethereum NFT project on NFT Giant?

Absolutely! We welcome creators to list their upcoming NFT projects on our platform. Please visit our 'Submit a Project' page for more details on the submission process and requirements.

What happens if an NFT launch date changes after being listed?

We rely on the project creators to inform us of any changes in their launch dates. We then update the calendar accordingly. However, always refer to the project's official website or social channels.

Can I get notifications about upcoming NFT launches?

Yes, you can stay informed about upcoming NFT launches by subscribing to our newsletter. Our newsletter not only updates you on the latest NFT news and guides but also includes upcoming NFT projects featured on our calendar.