How to Find Trending Nfts

How to Find Trending Nfts?

We see many Nft projects coming out every day, and even big brands are releasing their own Nfts, which are selling like hotcakes. So this triggers the media to publish clickbait content, and this leads many new investors to the Nft world.

As the demand for Non-Fungible Tokens continues to grow, more people are joining the club and want to make an easy profit. So you might be asking how you can get involved in this new ecosystem and how to find trending Nfts?

Nfts are still a new concept for many people, and these assets make them hard to recognize. If you don’t have an understanding of what Nfts are, then there’s no way you can identify which ones are trending.

Nfts are growing increasingly popular, with so many collections being released on a daily basis and many people are trying their luck at making money through Nfts and selling them for higher prices later on.

But this doesn’t mean they will succeed and make money. There’s a lot of competition out there, and if your collection isn’t good enough or unique enough, then you might end up failing miserably.

This makes determining which Nft or Nft project is worth investing your hard-earned money in a major challenge. As a result, traders have a very difficult time keeping up to find trending Nfts.

The good news is, that there are tools available today which can help you find these hidden gems before everyone else does! and in this post, we’ve put together everything to assist you in identifying the most promising Nfts.

How to pick the best Nft collections?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and art lovers alike have become interested in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and they’re always searching for the next big Nft collection to shake the world.

Recent growth in daily sales volume has surpassed the $1 billion barrier, proving that even little investments may generate massive returns with some “successful Nft collections“.

The challenge here is how to recognize these digital assets before they become a trusted brands. Before we go into the tools, let’s lay down some fundamental principles so you can decide on which collection to invest in.

Since the NFT market isn’t as liquid as the cryptocurrency market, buying random Nfts would just be a waste of your money. Exchanges allow for fast purchases, but selling a random Nft is a whole different ballgame.

The majority of beginners lose money because they purchase unknown Nfts without doing any research about the average price of the Nft of floor price of the Nft collection. So, first and foremost, you must understand the fundamentals to find trending Nfts.

Quality of the Art

Nft Artist Beeple
The Artist: Beeple

The first thing to look at when considering an Nft is the quality of the art itself. The better the art/artist, the more likely their work will increase in value over time.

Look into the artist’s reputation as well. If the artist is a well-known figure in the art community, it is probable that the Nfts that he/she has created will have the potential to become best-selling Nfts.

Investing in a well-known Nft creator whose work has the potential to become collectible should be the top priority for you, you will check many things like how much trading volume this creator’s Nfts have on the secondary market.

By the way, if you believe you lack the necessary expertise to make an informed decision about art, you may always consult with friends who have knowledge about art and collectibles.

Core Team Behind The Project

Team - Trending Nfts
Cool Cats Team

Management of the project has a critical role in its success or failure. That makes the team really important. Their chances of success increase if team members are knowledgeable in a variety of areas, such as marketing, design, and community management.

Expert Nft investors always look at this as a round of funding for a new business. If the team is not trustworthy, then there is no reason to invest in the project, right?

If you want to know what the team is up to before they launch the Nft collection, go check out what they are doing for the collection. Join the collection’s Discord channel to ask questions and interact with other members of the community.

If you believe that the team has a vision, and a clear road map, advertises the project effectively, and manages the community kindly then you can place a checkmark next to the word “team.”

The Community

Nft Community for trending nfts
Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

Communities are the foundation of Nft projects. All the value will be created by them. So the people who follow the project on social media, communicate on discord, and are interested in minting Nfts are the fuel of the collection.

You can easily decide if a project will have success or failure by taking some time in the community. We are not talking about numbers here because it will be misleading information.

The most critical component is genuine support. No matter how many individuals are present or active in a discord channel, it doesn’t indicate the project is a success.

If the community believes in the founders and their vision, also if they are spreading the word for the success of the project and supporting each other, then it’s a good sign.

A strong community is not about numbers, If enough people come together for a common goal, help each other to grow, and share a vision with others it will organically grow in time.

Vision & Road Map & Utility

The project’s vision should be clear and concise. It should also be realistic and achievable so that investors can understand why they are investing in this particular project.

Investors want to know how much money has been raised for a project, when it will be launched and how much money will be spent on marketing the product or service before it launches.

The more transparent and reachable Nft collection’s road map is, the better chance they have of attracting investors who want to see a return on their investment quickly.

Finally the utility; an Nft is not just an investment vehicle. It should have some utility that adds value to the network and its users as well as the Nft collection itself.

Best Tools to find trending Nfts

As you start your search for the best Nft collections, it is important to have the right tools and resources. From simple Google searches to complex analytics platforms, there are many different ways you can use to find the most popular Nfts.

These tools can help you discover the most popular Nfts, track their prices, and trade volumes, and buy them directly through the platform. By using these tracking tools you’ll find some valuable investment opportunities early.

Here you’ll find some of the best tools out there and they will help your investment decisions: trending nfts

The best way to find trending Nfts is using a tool called This is an awesome tool for finding the most popular Nfts, tracking their price changes over time to identify the market trends

On the homepage, you will find a list of top-selling NFTs by category and their minting activity. The site has a lot of useful features:

Real-time floor rice, trade volume, charts on any collection, real-time wallet analysis, monitoring whale trades, also their wallet address and daily trends in last 12h, 6h, 1h, 15 min, and even for per minute.

You can search for different types of Nfts by using filters and see which exchanges these Nfts are listed and how much they are worth there. Icy tools will be a great source to grow your portfolio.

As a result Rarity Tools can be used as a portfolio tracker, if you think you’re new in Nft space then following big Nft whales will help you to find trending Nfts.

Opensea trending nfts

One of the best ways to buy and sell Nfts is through It isn’t just for showcasing an outstanding collection of digital artwork, though.

Opensea is an excellent Nft tool for tracking and analyzing digital art investments and determining how they might be improved. The ranks and activity of all Nfts are displayed in real-time on the Statistics page in the main menu. 

Opensea has a user-friendly interface which helped them reach the top of the Nft marketplaces and also many expensive sales made through their platform.

You can check any Nft project on the website and find some rare digital tokens. To be honest, trying to identify popular projects before they are hyped will be hard but if you check the activity tab regularly then the sales history will give you some idea about market trends.

Monitoring the sales activities will be a starting point, also you need to monitor the sale prices. That’s why a price chart should be a good place to see the price range.

The giant Nft marketplace supports many blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Klayton blockchains. So if you have an interest in Nft collections with different blockchains, Opensea is the place to look for.

Also, you can filter the type of Nfts as well as nine various categories including music, art, trading cards, and more. 

One of the smartest ways to identify which Nft is worth investing in is by checking their rarest traits. As you know not every Nft is the same in an Nft project. 

These digital tokens are different by their rarity score. The most experiencedNft traders always look at the rarity of traits in Nft project and try to buy rare ones from floor price and sell them for more.

Rarity tools trending nfts is a website with a simple interface that lets you search for any Nft by name or symbol and see its current price, the ranking, and how rare it is. 

You can use Rarity Tools to see which Nfts are rare in their collection and the most prized by collectors. This is an invaluable resource for determining which Nfts are worth adding to your portfolio.

Because this website shows the rarity score of the Nft projects, it will be a good source to define the best ones before everyone else and buy them.

Each collection has its unique webpage where you can view all of its Nft items. You may be able to see the collection’s overall sales activity and discover which items are sold recently.

Also, there are similar tools like Rarity Sniper, Rarity Sniffer, and another tool specifically focused on Solana Nfts called tools have almost the same features, mainly they focused on the rarity score and rarity rankings of collections.

You need to check all to find out which Nft project is the most promising.


DappRadar find trending nfts

Another great tool is, Dappradar. DappRadar takes a strong standpoint on data accuracy and provision, tracks active users in Nft marketplaces, token volume, and transaction activity, and filters through this data to remove fake and irrelevant activity to provide clean, actionable market intelligence. 

If you like to see the global market in crypto, this tool can help you to understand what other crypto trends are and discover, and track everything about DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming.

Dappradar is one of the best websites to get outstanding Nft market report. You’ll find tons of value on the website by checking the stats.


When you have a goal to find trending Nfts, you need to do lots of research. In the end, the profit for your efforts will be huge if you find trending Nfts before everyone else. So Crypro slam is another tool to help you reach that goal.

With CryptoSlam, millions of Nft collectibles will be made completely visible to everyone on several blockchains. With CryptoSlam’s statistics, buyers and sellers can make informed decisions about purchasing and trading Nft.

Flips Finance

Flips find trending nfts

Till now, we mention lots of valuable tools to find trending Nfts and Flips is another valuable one. In Flips, you can monitor Nft collections sorted by top 24-hour delistings, floor increases, and volume increases. 

Also, another useful feature of this tool is you can check top Nft collections ranked by volume, floor price, the number listed for sale, and holder-to-supply ratio.

If you like to read charts like me most probably you’ll love this tool and its easy interface.

Social Media to Find Trending Nfts

One of the best ways to find trending Nfts is by using social media channels like Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Instagram. To get an idea of what people are talking about, use social media.

Almost all Nft collections have social media pages and followings. If you want to know what people are saying about a certain Nft, just go to their social media page.

The more followers a collection has, the better chance it has to become popular. Also, if you’re looking for trending Nfts, you should look at the most recent posts. As long as they’re active, they’ll be shared by many people.

As a result, Nft collection name might pop into trends and if you’re early enough, it will be a huge opportunity to grow your personal portfolio.

 Using Discord and Reddit on the other hand is a way to define the quality of the community. Some Nfts will grow slow, some fast, fast-growing ones are the most supported ones by their community.

Final Words

We hope that we have given you a rundown of the Nft market, ranging from the fundamentals to various tools. As more advances in technology are made, there will be better tools available for investing Nfts.

In order to stay on top of your financial game, it is very important to know what is trending, why it is trending, and how you can benefit from trends while they are still hot.

With this guide, hopefully, we have made the entire process of picking up your favorite Nfts a bit easier. The power is in your hands, and now you can make an educated decision as to which ones to invest in.

If you like to learn more about Nfts you can check our Best NFT Tips for Beginners and How to Make Money by Flipping NFTs articles too.

You can always check Nft Giant and stay up to date about the Nft space. Nft Giant is your go-to source for daily nft news, upcoming Nft collections, metaverse, marketplace updates, Nft whitelists, and everything related to Nfts…

Small disclaimer; This post is intended for informational and educational purposes only. We do not provide financial advice or investment advice or recommend you purchase any tools displayed on Nft Giant.

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