CoinGecko Adds an NFT Tracker to its Fleet of Blockchain Data Tools

CoinGecko Adds an NFT Tracker to its Fleet of Blockchain Data Tools

CoinGecko, the comprehensive blockchain data aggregation platform, has introduced an exciting new collection tracker to its array of NFT tools.

This enhancement enables both NFT enthusiasts and those with a curious inclination to conveniently monitor prominent collections that have captured their attention, accessible through web browsers and the app.

This newly integrated feature empowers fans to effortlessly keep tabs on their favorite NFT collections or even those they might not particularly favor.

It provides a wealth of insightful information, including floor price, market capitalization, owner count, and 24-hour trading volume.

Getting started is a straightforward process: users simply need to log into their CoinGecko account, locate the desired NFT collection, and click the ‘add to NFT portfolio’ star.

Once marked, users can hover over the ‘Portfolio’ section in the navigation bar, select ‘My NFTs,’ and voilà – they gain instant access to a real-time overview of the collection’s current status.

CoinGecko Continues to Innovate in the NFT Space

The new NFT portfolio supports the CoinGecko platform’s current floor price tracker and gives it a new dimension.

This previously published function provides a thorough analysis of any NFT collection’s pricing history from its origin up to the present.

Users are also given information on the cost in the native token used as well as the current value in US dollars.

Therefore, CoinGecko has offered the tools necessary to monitor how those tokens perform, as now is likely the most crucial period in NFT history to do so!

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