Yamaneko Yacht Club

Yamaneko Yacht Club

Unveiling Yamaneko Yacht Club: 12,000 exclusive wildcat tokens inspired by Japanese zodiac on Ethereum.

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September 14

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September 14

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Details of Yamaneko Yacht Club

The Yamaneko Yacht Club introduces a distinctive collection of 12,000 unique Japanese zodiac wildcat tokens residing securely on the Ethereum blockchain.

Often referred to as the “Metaverse Birthstones,” these limited NFT tokens have been designed to pay homage to the human journey through the Juunishi (十二支), the Japanese zodiac.

Yamanekos are represented as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and are securely hosted on Arweave. Each Yamaneko is an exclusive creation, generated from a vast pool of over 277 distinct traits.

These Metaverse Birthstones are more than mere collectibles; they are emblematic representations of individual personalities.

About Yamaneko Yacht Club Nfts

Yamaneko Yacht Club (YYC) is a limited collection of 12,000 Yamaneko NFTs – unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Colloquially known as Metaverse Birthstones, Yamanekos (山猫) are rare Wildcats that exist to celebrate human existence through Juunishi (十二支), the Japanese Zodiac.

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As a redemptive gesture, the Yamaneko has been chosen to represent Juunishi in the Metaverse as part of the Yamaneko Yacht Club.

Yamanekos are Metaverse Birthstones representing a person’s period of birth. Each Metaverse Birthstone is meticulously crafted to reflect a birth year and has an elaborate zodiac kanji attribute on the chest that connects to one of the 12 Japanese Zodiac signs.

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