World of Girls

World of Girls is a dynamic Web3 community composed of NFT enthusiasts and astute investors.

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September 22

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September 22

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Details of World of Girls

World of Girls is a dynamic Web3 community composed of NFT enthusiasts and astute investors by Med Beards Club.

Their primary focus lies in launching NFT collections that serve as capital sources for our investments while also offering income opportunities through our farming pool.

Within the Web3 realm, they provide an array of alpha tools and educational resources. These encompass AI-powered tools and in-depth courses aimed at empowering our community members.

Their governance token, BEAR, plays a pivotal role in our ecosystem, offering holders exclusive privileges and a say in our project’s development.

Mad Brears Club

Also, their NFT launches serve a dual purpose: funding our strategic investments and expanding our vibrant community.

By staking these NFTs, you can benefit from our farming pool and gain access to coveted roles within our community, granting you entry to our alpha Web3 tools, including AI-driven functionalities.


Mad Bears Club, is a community that pioneers in reshaping investment strategies by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and DeFi.

They eagerly explore the limitless possibilities within the Web3 landscape and seek out innovative projects built upon blockchain principles, all while actively participating in the growth of this transformative ecosystem.

For those interested in entrusting us with their funds, they accept contributions for asset management.

In the world of Web3, they offer an extensive suite of alpha tools for comprehensive analysis of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and stock markets.

Additionally, they provide an AI-powered ChatGPT Discord integration, offering quick and accurate answers, as well as an AI image generator, all tailored to benefit our community members.

Learn from industry experts, follow flexible learning paths, and connect with a thriving Web3 community. Access to these educational resources is granted exclusively to our community members.

Mad Bears Club also operates its own Web3 media outlet, delivering news, analytics, research, and educational content centered around NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and stock markets.

We regularly update our content to cater to the needs of investors who are passionate about learning, growing, and thriving in the financial world.

Their native governance token, BEAR, is prominently listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. BEAR token holders can assume influential roles within our community, actively contributing to our project’s development.

At Mad Bears Club, they are driven by confidence, consistency, and transparency, committed to establishing a thriving community where unique minds converge to create a respectful and nurturing environment, truly a place that anyone can call home.

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