Trekki NFT is a collection of 10,000 adventurous dolphin-like NFTs incubated by Group.

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October 20

Public Mint Date

October 20

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Details of Trekki

Trekki NFT is a collection of 10,000 adventurous dolphin-like NFTs incubated by Group. As’s inaugural entry into the Web3 space, Our goal is to empower holders with exclusive discounts on flights, hotels, attractions, and event tickets through the power of Trekki NFT. Join us in exploring the world like never before!

You can acquire Trekki NFTs through Minting. By obtaining Trip List or Adoption List through Trekki Discord or Website, you can enjoy a lower minting price.

Or you can directly participate in the Public Mint to acquire Trekki NFTs. The exact Minting time is yet to be announced. For more information on how to get Trip List or Adoption List, please refer to our community updates.

You can also obtain Trekki NFTs through official events with Freemint opportunities.


Explore the world with Trekki — a traveled-themed NFT collection of 10,000 adventure-loving Dolphins backed by the Group. With Trekki NFT, unlock exclusive perks, connect with fellow travelers, and enjoy discounted travel experiences. is a globally leading one-stop travel booking service company that is part of Group(30 Supported Languages, 43 Countries and Locales, NASDAQ:TCOM)

Why you should adopt a Trekki!

  • coins
  • premium membership
  • Free participation in offline events hosted by
  • Trekki NFT airdrops & physical merchandise
  • Priority access to future Trekia ecosystem NFTs
  • Trekki NFT community governance rights
  • Trekki NFT IP commercial revenue
  • Trekki- AI Travel Companion

Trekki NFT Utilities seamlessly integrate with the membership system, granting exclusive benefits and privileges to Trekki NFT holders within the ecosystem. By using trekki’s utility, existing members can upgrade their current level.

Additionally, in the near future, holding Trekki NFTs will allow users to use booking orders to fuel NFT growth and receive more benefits.

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