Toggles is a dynamic NFT & Web 3.0 project comprising 3D NFTs with AI technology to create a virtual world of aspiring virtual singers called Toggles.

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October 12

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October 12

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Details of Toggles

Toggles is an avant-garde NFT project that seamlessly blends 3D NFTs with AI technology. This fusion crafts a mesmerizing virtual realm inhabited by aspiring virtual singers, aptly named Toggles.

Behind the Scenes – The Team:
The Toggles team is a diverse ensemble of talent. It boasts designers, developers, producers, artists, and dancers who have previously been associated with industry giants like Samsung, Shinsegae, HIVE, and CJ ENM.

The team’s strength is further amplified with content creators from the blockchain and gaming sectors, accompanied by a dedicated planning and operations crew.

Engaging with Toggles NFTs:
Owning a Toggles profile picture (PFP) is akin to holding a membership card to the Toggles Universe. These PFPs empower holders with voting rights, influencing the trajectory of the Toggles IP. The privileges escalate with the number of PFPs one possesses.

Toggles Nft

Benefits of Toggles NFTs:
Toggles NFTs are not just digital assets; they are gateways to both Web2 and Web3 benefits. As the NFTs flourish, so do the perks for the holders.

The horizon includes tangible products and collaborations with F&B companies. Plans are also afoot to establish real-world establishments like cafeterias where these NFTs can be leveraged.

Perks for Multiple Toggles Holders:
Holding multiple Toggles comes with its set of titles and utilities:

  • Total: 600 ea (ETH)
  • Guaranteed WL (150ea) – FREE. 1ea/wallet
  • FCFS WL (350ea) – FREE . 2ea/wallet
  • Public: 100ea – 0.01 eth. 5ea/wallet

The utilities range from raffle/giveaway tickets to a share in the profits of the Toggles Universe. The more Toggles one holds, the larger the slice of the profit pie they receive.

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