The Council Initiate

The Council Initiate

Our collective consists of a diverse assembly encompassing CEOs, Venture Capitalists, Founders, and veterans deeply entrenched in the digital asset landscape.

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August 25

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August 30

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About The Council Initiate

At the forefront of everything concerning Ordinals, we stand as the acknowledged experts in this field.

Our collective consists of a diverse assembly encompassing CEOs, Venture Capitalists, Founders, and veterans deeply entrenched in the digital asset landscape.

Our common purpose unites us: expediting the integration of Bitcoin and fostering its advancement within the realms of Ordinals & BRC20.

Presently, our assembly comprises 20+ esteemed members, a blend of revealed identities and anonymous contributors.

Our capacity is capped at 100 members, each distinguished by an individualized orange profile picture signifying their contributions to our consortium.

In our shared endeavor to shape the trajectory of Ordinals, we’ve established a guiding manifesto.

This definitive document, the bedrock of the Ordinals Council, dictates our behaviors and interactions.

By adhering to this manifesto, council members pledge their unwavering commitment to the principles that underlie our vision: decentralization, innovation, and egalitarianism.

Such is our path.
Our Guiding Principles
At the Ordinals Council, we champion the belief that equitable ownership of wealth is an inherent human entitlement accessible to all.

Our devotion is to propagate the values of decentralization, innovation, and egalitarianism through the medium of Ordinals.

We hold the conviction that through the fusion of Ordinals’ innovative essence and Bitcoin’s decentralized ideology, we can forge a reality wherein unrestricted ownership of wealth becomes universally attainable.
Our Mission
The mission that propels the Ordinals Council is to espouse the quintessential tenets of Bitcoin—Decentralization, Innovation, Egalitarianism—within the realm of Ordinals.

Our objective lies in constructing pioneering tools that bestow unrestricted ownership of wealth to all.

We assume the role of foundational architects, pioneers, and visionaries for the Ordinals domain.

Our role extends to establishing a central bedrock for creators, builders, and intellectual pioneers in the Ordinals arena.

We aspire to cultivate and disseminate value across a multitude of ecosystems and, ultimately, emerge as the definitive authority on all aspects of Ordinals.

Our commitment extends to ensuring the steadfastness and credibility of projects etched within Ordinals.

We provide council members with all necessary resources to ensure the prompt realization of projects and the holistic expansion of the ecosystem.

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