SolSRFR is a pixelated Profile Picture (PFP) NFT project with 2222 Nfts; it's a lifestyle on the Solana blockchain.

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November 3

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November 3

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Details of SolSRFR

SolSRFR is a pixelated Profile Picture (PFP) NFT project; it’s a lifestyle on the Solana blockchain. This project is deeply rooted in surf culture, offering a unique blend of pixel art, gamified experiences, and community rewards.

When and How to Get Them:
The project is live on the Solana blockchain, offering a supply of 2,222 NFTs. Each one is priced at 0.2222 Sol.

Unlike conventional PFP NFTs, SolSRFR is more than just collectible art. It comes with gamified minting, team building, and continuous rewards. These features are designed to keep the community engaged and offer more than just a one-time purchase experience.

Features and Traits:
SolSRFR NFTs have six different traits, making each one unique in its own way. Beyond that, the project introduces the concept of SRFR Clubs. These include:

  • The Rasta Rippers
  • Ghost Riders
  • Bomber Blues
  • Alien Syndicate


Each club will have 100 NFTs in the mint. Besides the club NFTs, there will be 1,800 Junior SRFRs and 22 special Regen SRFRs featuring 1-of-1 art.

Gamification and Rewards:
The minting process itself will be a game, developed in collaboration with jusmnt. Once all NFTs are sold out, automatic random rewards will be distributed to minters, enhancing the overall community engagement.

SolSRFR aims to do more than just sell NFTs; it seeks to create a vibrant community around the surf culture theme. It’s not just about owning an NFT; it’s about being part of a community that’s as exciting as catching that next big wave, or as they put it, the next “BULL RUN” wave!

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