Pirates of Fukushu

Pirates of Fukushu

This collection, consisting of 5,555 unique PFPs, is a part of the expansive Shibui Universe, a cinematic universe that's revolutionizing the WEB3 space.

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October 5

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Details of Pirates of Fukushu

Dive into the enthralling world of “The Pirates of Fukushū,” a captivating NFT collection that seamlessly merges art, utility, and storytelling. This collection, consisting of 5,555 unique PFPs, is a part of the expansive Shibui Universe, a cinematic universe that’s revolutionizing the WEB3 space.

The Tale Unfolds: At the heart of this adventure is a pirate prince and a young Zillarnian woman, both grappling with betrayal and loss.

Their quest for redemption and justice takes them through treacherous seas, cursed pirates, and the haunting whispers of the dark. As they navigate these challenges, they uncover secrets, form alliances, and realize that victory comes at a steep price.

The Pirates of Fukushū Nft

The Pirates: With over 700 attributes and a meticulously crafted ranking system, the Pirates of Fukushū collection boasts of diverse and intricate characters. From the legendary 1/1 characters with their unique backstories to the formidable gunners and the eager swabbies, each pirate has a tale to tell.

The Shibui Universe Connection: The Pirates of Fukushū is not just an isolated collection; it’s an integral part of the Shibui Universe. This universe, powered by the groundbreaking WEB3 model, is a tapestry of interconnected stories, characters, and cultures.

The Pirates of Fukushū intertwines with this universe, adding depth and richness to the overarching narrative.

Utility Beyond Art: While each NFT is a unique piece of art, the creators have gone a step further by emphasizing utility. Collaborations with leaders in the metaverse, such as Webaverse, Hyperfy, and HologramLabs, ensure that these NFTs are not just collectibles but gateways to immersive experiences.

Each NFT is paired with .glb & .vrm files, allowing holders to have both the artwork and a 3D avatar in the metaverse.

The Vision of Shibui Labs: Behind this ambitious project is Shibui Labs, a team of award-winning writers, artists, and filmmakers. Their mission is to bring the Shibui Cinematic Universe to life, offering a world of captivating stories and vibrant cultures.

With the power of web3 technology and NFT collectibles, they’re redefining storytelling, making it a collaborative effort between creators, fans, and enthusiasts.

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