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Pearl Games

Earlier today, during the MojoLive event, we unveiled a significant milestone in Pearl Games' alpha phase.

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August 30

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September 7

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About Pearl Games

Earlier today, during the MojoLive event, we unveiled a significant milestone in Pearl Games’ alpha phase.

This release marks the public introduction of game mechanics that will govern gameplay for the initial two weeks, along with various other exciting updates.

Here are some key highlights:

  • Pearl Utilization: We’ve revealed the mechanisms behind how pearls are utilized to secure supplies and unlock characters.
  • Genesis Pearls: It is highly recommended to mint or acquire a minimum of 8 Genesis Pearls to maximize your engagement.
  • Stack Allowlist Spots: You can earn stack allowlist spots through engaging quests and No Access scenarios.
  • Duration and Format: The inaugural season of Pearl Games spans 5 weeks, promising an immersive and evolving experience.
  • Silver Key Unveiled: Brace for the revelation of the coveted Silver Key, the ultimate achievement of the game.
  • Minting ETA: The anticipated minting for the game’s assets is scheduled for August.
  • And Much More: We’ve integrated an array of additional updates, both contemporary and classic, to enrich your gaming involvement.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as Pearl Games continues to evolve and offer an unparalleled gaming experience.

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