Mutant Titans

Mutant Titans

Step into MT Lab's inaugural project, leading a 6-part NFT series chronicling Earth's defenders, led by Titan, as they combat alien threats.

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Details of Mutant Titans

Welcome to the debut project from MT Lab, the vanguard of a series of 6 NFT collections chronicling the valiant defenders of Earth, spearheaded by Titan, as they thwart alien invaders.

This project, firmly rooted in the Ethereum blockchain, is a treasure trove of enriching and entertaining content.

The concept of drawing collections selected in the style of pixel art is not accidental, the reference artists and developers of the project in this style make a reference to computer games of the time when only Ray Bradbury dreamed timidly about artificial intelligence.

About Mutant Titans

The project includes a series of 6 NFT collections connected by one storyline in such a way as to be as beneficial as possible to early NFT holders.

Two collections will be distributed by drops to NFT holders, so that it is profitable for all holders of all collections, regardless of the number of NFT on the purse. And so also for maximum distribution between all holders of the collection (the principles can be discussed in discord and by open voting between holders, the strength of the vote will depend on the number of NFT on the purse at the time of voting).

Mutant Titans

Each collection includes 2220 NFTs, exception is the scientists’ collection – 400pcs, will be distributed among the wallets with the maximum number of NFTs of the early collections.

Every member within our vibrant community stands to reap a multitude of rewards:

  1. An opportunity to acquire a Free NFT by actively engaging on our server.
  2. Airdropped NFTs for those who join us in the early stages.
  3. Regular draws offering NFTs or cash prizes.
  4. The chance to wield influence over the project’s evolution.
  5. The possibility of attaining a rare NFT from the collection (comprising 1% of the total volume).

Join the Titans community and become an integral part of this exciting journey.

We hope you enjoy the content, if you’re new to the Nft world then we highly suggest you follow Nft Giant to find the newest and fresh Nft collections and stay up to date with our Nft drops calender.

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