Mutant Musks

Mutant Musks

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July 30
- 19:00 UTC

Public Mint Date

July 30
- 19:00 UTC

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About Mutant Musks Nfts

Mutant Musks is a 10,000 NFT collection with a Metaverse Game in the making that aims for its members to discover a truly new side to the word Metaverse with our Intergalactic Competitive Shooter Experience.

The story of Mutant Musks begins as humans setup their first colony on the red planet of Mars. The game is being developed by a professional team of game developers on the world's best game development platform Unreal Engine 5.

Elon Musk becomes the first human to step foot on Mars. The days there go by fast but before he leaves, some of his DNA particles get left behind.

The red planet is mysterious and the chunks of DNA have mutated into 10,000 Mutant Musks. Will they fight back Elon or join his army? Nobody knows.

We need you on this journey – to enjoy the best Metaverse experience, try an all-new Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game and save the planet Mars!

Mutant Musks Road Map

July-Aug 2022

  • Trading Royalties begin
  • Continued development
  • VR Metaverse demo
  • Holder competitions
  • Collaborations

Sep-Dec 2022

  • Merch
  • OG+ Giveaway
  • Mint Passes for Upcoming Collections
  • Closed community events


  • Game Launch
  • Token Launch

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