Mutant Max

Mutant Max

Embark on an extraordinary journey with "Mutant Max," an exhilarating collection of NFTs featuring captivating and visually stunning digital artwork.

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August 5

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August 10

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Details of Mutant Max

Embark on an extraordinary journey with “Mutant Max,” an exhilarating collection of NFTs featuring captivating and visually stunning digital artwork.

Step into the world of “Mutant Max,” the first installment in a series of 14 NFT collections set to be released on the revolutionary Cardano blockchain as part of the Mutant Max chronicles.

The tale revolves around Max, a curious 7-year-old boy who undergoes a mysterious transformation, becoming a mutant and transported to a distant land and time by an enigmatic force.

As the story unfolds, accompany Max on his quest to find his lost family, venturing through unknown territories and encountering thrilling adventures.

About Mutant Max

Each time Max reunites with a family member, the saga deepens, and a brand-new NFT collection featuring that family member is unveiled.

Alongside the release of the newly discovered family member NFT, a limited edition portrait NFT of Max with the family member (limited to 1000 editions) will also be made available.

To mint these exclusive portrait NFTs, collectors must possess at least one Mutant Max NFT and one NFT of the specific family member featured in the portrait, both in their digital wallets during the minting process.

As the narrative progresses, the excitement intensifies, and a masterpiece of family portraits awaits. At the conclusion of the story, a highly sought-after limited edition family portrait NFT (limited to 100 editions) will be unleashed.

To claim this ultimate prize, participants must own NFTs of each family member, including Max, and possess the portrait NFTs that bring Max together with each family member.

Excitement reaches new heights with each NFT release, as “Mutant Max” presents generous giveaways to its loyal community.

After each portrait NFT launch, lucky winners will be awarded with valuable prizes, ranging from ₳2,500 to the coveted ₳10,000.

And finally, as the climax of the Mutant Max chronicles, the grand prize awaits: an astounding ₳25,000.

Stay updated and never miss a beat! “Mutant Max” will announce drop dates for newly discovered family member NFTs and limited edition portrait NFTs on Twitter, so be sure to follow their account and keep an eye on their Discord announcements channel.

The heart of “Mutant Max” lies in its captivating storytelling, paired with mesmerizing visual artwork, immortalized as unique NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

With each NFT, collectors gain an exclusive piece of the ever-evolving narrative, becoming an integral part of Max’s thrilling quest to reunite with his beloved family.

In the realm of NFTs, “Mutant Max” stands out not only for its exceptional artistry and storytelling but also for its vibrant and supportive community.

Collectors from all corners of the globe come together to celebrate this unique universe, forming a tight-knit community that fosters camaraderie and excitement.

The groundbreaking utilization of the Cardano blockchain ensures the utmost security, transparency, and sustainability for NFTs, granting collectors complete confidence in their digital assets.

So, if you are ready for an adventure of a lifetime, join the “Mutant” journey today! Become a part of this mesmerizing world, follow Max’s odyssey, and witness the unveiling of astonishing NFTs that will forever redefine the way we experience art and storytelling.

Let the thrill of “Mutant Max” ignite your passion for NFTs, and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Max’s adventure!

Mutant Max Minting of the Mutant Max NFT collection (10,000) will begin at 18:00 UTC, on Sat 5 August 2023.

Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your wallet prior to minting.
Anyone planning to mint and flip – REMEMBER you will need at least 1 Mutant Max NFT to mint any of the limited edition portraits that are due to be released in the series… So make sure you keep at least one Mutant Max NFT for yourself!!!

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