Discover Apostle - 500 limited edition generative NFTs by MetaCene, the advanced blockchain MMORPG homeland for a vast player community.

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July 30

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Introducing Apostle, a carefully crafted collection of 500 limited edition generative NFTs by MetaCene, the cutting-edge blockchain MMORPG homeland tailored for a vast player community.

Holders of Apostle NFTs enjoy exclusive perks, including early access to test and official versions of MetaCene, eligibility to acquire advanced in-game NFTs at no cost, and privileged participation in exclusive events.


MetaCene is a pioneering platform that fuses blockchain technology and gaming, aiming to redefine the gaming experience for players worldwide.

In this groundbreaking MMORPG homeland, players immerse themselves in a dynamic and interconnected virtual world where their actions have real significance.

With Apostle NFTs, players gain entry to a realm of unique benefits and opportunities that enhance their journey within the MetaCene universe.

One of the standout features for Apostle NFT holders is early access to both the testing and official releases of MetaCene.

This grants them a front-row seat to the development process, providing valuable insights and an opportunity to actively shape the gaming environment.

As avid gamers, they become instrumental in shaping the future of MetaCene, contributing feedback that fosters innovation and improvement.

Beyond early access, Apostle NFT holders are eligible to obtain advanced in-game NFTs for free. These exclusive digital assets serve as valuable tools and collectibles that enrich the gaming experience.

Whether it’s rare items with extraordinary abilities, unique character customizations, or limited edition skins, these in-game NFTs confer a sense of prestige and accomplishment upon their owners.

As the MetaCene universe evolves, these coveted NFTs may grow in value, making them sought-after items among players and collectors alike.

Apostle NFTs unlock the doors to a world of exclusivity, offering qualified holders access to exclusive events.

These gatherings provide a space for like-minded players, developers, and influential figures within the MetaCene community to come together, fostering connections and friendships that transcend the digital realm.

Participation in such events elevates the overall gaming experience, creating memorable moments and enhancing the sense of belonging within this vibrant gaming community.

Moreover, by owning Apostle NFTs, investors contribute to the growth and expansion .

As the platform gains momentum and attracts more players, the demand for Apostle NFTs may increase, potentially leading to value appreciation over time.

However, it is essential to note that the NFT market can be subject to fluctuations and risks, and investors should make informed decisions based on their individual risk tolerance and financial circumstances.

Apostle represents a glimpse into the future of gaming and blockchain technology integration. It pioneers a path that offers players true ownership and control over their virtual assets, while also providing exciting investment opportunities.

As technology advances, MetaCene aims to continually improve the gaming experience and introduce innovative features, ensuring that Apostle NFT holders remain at the forefront of this dynamic world.

In conclusion, Apostle NFTs provide a gateway to unparalleled advantages within MMORPG homeland.

With early access to testing and official versions, the acquisition of advanced in-game NFTs for free, and participation in exclusive events, holders of Apostle NFTs are poised to embark on an exceptional gaming journey.

As the gaming industry evolves, Apostle NFTs represent a valuable opportunity for players and investors to engage with the future of gaming and blockchain technology, all within the thrilling universe of MetaCene.

Discover Apostle – 500 limited edition generative NFTs , the advanced blockchain MMORPG homeland for a vast player community.

MetaCene is a post-apocalyptic era since a fatal superstorm froze all creatures instantly and almost wiped out the entire human civilization

A thrilling sensation of combat from millions of users; Epic guild battles; Create your own exclusive weapons

With dual Token Type, users can mine and create in-game assets through mining machines, which can also generate greater revenue for users. Assets include land, real estate, mining machines, and a variety of property props

Players can create their own DAOs and guilds entirely on the server, creating more tax revenue through a self-governance policy. This is a system with full autonomy

Players can create new buildings, weapons, costumes, and mods to show to more users through the in-game editing system. Build the whole system through more sharing and co-creation.

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