The Marakame NFT project is a noble endeavor that highlights the crucial role of indigenous communities in protecting 70% of our planet's biodiversity.

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August 4

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August 8

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Details of MARAKAME

The Marakame NFT project is a noble endeavor that highlights the crucial role of indigenous communities in protecting 70% of our planet’s biodiversity.

Spearheaded by the Fernando Barba Amezcua non-profit foundation and PACHA MOMA MUSEUM, the initiative is committed to preserving and spreading the rich cultural heritage and traditions of indigenous communities.

The first community in urgent need of help is the Wixáricas. The Marakame NFT project calls upon all awakened beings to unite and contribute to the preservation of this sacred ancient community.

To achieve this goal, the project aims to raise one million dollars through the sale of 5555 NFT unique assets.

These NFT assets will be divided into distinct categories to engage a wide audience in supporting the cause.

About Marakame

The project will include specially designed Marakame NFTs for 25 influencers, allowing them to participate in promoting the preservation of the Wixáricas’ culture.

Additionally, there will be 14 Super Legendaries NFTs, which will be auctioned and displayed at a physical temporal exhibition in PACHA MOMA MUSEUM from August 4th, 2023, to October 25th, 2023.

The auction will start at $3,333.00 USD equivalent in eth at the day of release, enabling art enthusiasts and collectors to make a significant contribution.

Furthermore, 20 Legendaries NFTs will be hidden in the random generated pre-sale and public sale, encouraging participation and making the initiative more accessible to a broader audience.

The Pre-Sale phase will offer 3333 NFTs at a cost of $170 USD equivalent in eth on November 1st, 2023, at 10:00 am (MT).

Pre-investors will have their assets airdropped 24 hours before the pre-sale mint, demonstrating the project’s commitment to rewarding early supporters.

The Public Sale will follow, with 2222 NFTs (excluding super legendaries and assets kept for raffles and giveaways by the non-profit foundation, totaling 2158 NFTs).

The public sale will take place on November 3rd, 2023, at 10:00 am (MT) through the official website, and the cost will be $240 USD equivalent in eth at the price of eth two days before the pre-sale mint.

To further support the cause, there will be an additional 1 Voluntary Donation NFT available for sale for three months at a fixed price of 0.022 eth, starting on the same day as the auction of the super legendaries (August 4th, 2023).

This NFT will have unlimited mints for the duration of three months, until October 25th, 2023.

All the funds raised through this NFT will go towards building a new entrance port for Harakuna, La Laguna, ensuring greater accessibility and sustainability for the community.

The Marakame NFT project represents not only a collection of unique assets but also a powerful movement to support indigenous communities, preserve their invaluable cultural heritage, and protect the biodiversity they cherish.

It embodies the spirit of unity, compassion, and conscious collaboration, inviting people from all walks of life to contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future for the Wixáricas and other indigenous communities.

By participating in the Marakame NFT project, individuals can play an active role in securing a brighter future for the Wixáricas and help safeguard the diverse and fragile ecosystems that indigenous communities protect.

Together, we can create a world where cultural traditions are celebrated, ancient wisdom is revered, and the connection between humanity and nature is nurtured with care and respect.

The Marakame NFT project is an invitation to be part of this transformative journey, where art, technology, and humanity converge to make a lasting impact on the preservation of indigenous cultures and the world they cherish.

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