Man in Black

Man in Black

Men in Black (MIB) NFTs, a unique collection of 2222 meticulously crafted digital assets residing on the Injective blockchain.

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October 31

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October 31

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Details of Man in Black

Men in Black (MIB) NFTs, a unique collection of 2222 meticulously crafted digital assets residing on the Injective blockchain. These aren’t just any NFTs; they represent the elite society of agents dedicated to safeguarding the Injective blockchain.

Exclusive Society with Unmatched Benefits:

Being an MIB NFT holder is akin to having a VIP pass to the most exclusive club on Injective. Holders are granted access to the MIB DAO, which is renowned for its weekly raffles featuring rare NFTs, $INJ tokens, and invaluable alpha calls.

Staking, Raffles, and Revenue:

MIB is not just about exclusivity; it’s about utility. They are on the verge of launching one of Injective’s premier raffle sites. Holders can stake their NFTs and partake in the revenue generated.

The aim is clear: to reward the holders. By staking their NFTs, holders can earn up to 70% of the raffle site’s profits and an additional 30% from secondary sales.

Man in Black Nfts

The MIB Treasury and InjMarket:

MIB’s commitment to its holders is further solidified with a 20% revenue share from the MIB Treasury of InjMarket. As the project evolves, this percentage is poised to grow.

But that’s not all. MIB, in collaboration with Aliens on Injective, is pioneering the first-ever launchpad on Injective named “InjMarket.” This launchpad is set to be the cornerstone for upcoming NFT mints on Injective.

Minting Phases:

The minting process for the MIB NFTs is structured into three distinct phases:

  1. Original Agent Phase: In this phase, holders can avail up to 5 GUARANTEED mints per wallet, and it comes at a discounted price compared to the subsequent Blacklist phase.
  2. Blacklist Phase: This phase allows for 10 FCFS (First Come, First Serve) mints per wallet, and the pricing is set at a discount relative to the Public phase.
  3. Public Phase: The final phase is open to the broader public, where each wallet can mint up to 50 NFTs.

Revenue Distribution:

The financial structure of AOI x MIB ensures that holders are always at the forefront. While AOI x MIB retains full ownership of the platform, 20% of the generated revenue is earmarked for rewarding holders. The remaining funds are split evenly between AOI and MIB.

The allocation from the MIB treasury is clear: 20% is channeled to the MIB holders, and the remaining 80% is invested in development and team expansion. This distribution might undergo changes in the future, depending on the project’s trajectory and market dynamics.

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