Welcome to the exhilarating world of JUMPEE, where classic jumping game mechanics meet the innovative realm of Ethereum blockchain.

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October 16

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October 16

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Details of JUMPEE

Welcome to the exhilarating world of JUMPEE, where classic jumping game mechanics meet the innovative realm of blockchain. This game is not just about leaping from one platform to another; it’s about navigating the volatile terrains of the crypto universe, collecting $JMP tokens, and striving to be the best jumper out there.

Gameplay Dynamics:

In JUMPEE, players are in control of a charismatic jumper, navigating through intricate platforms, dodging obstacles, and amassing the coveted $JMP tokens.

But this isn’t a walk in the park. The game demands agility, foresight, and a knack for strategy. As you progress, you’ll stumble upon power-ups that amplify your jumping prowess, helping you scale those challenging heights and uncover hidden rewards.

Jumpee Nft

Beyond the Game:

JUMPEE isn’t confined to its gameplay. It’s an ecosystem. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, forge alliances, and participate in global competitions. Aim for the zenith of the leaderboard and let the world know of your jumping prowess. The $JMP tokens you earn aren’t just for show. Trade them, stake them, and let them be the wind beneath your wings in this crypto adventure.

Tokenomics and Project Details:

  • Total Supply: A limited collection of 777 NFTs awaits.
  • Blockchain Foundation: Built on the robust Ethereum blockchain.
  • Minting Price: All roles can mint for free in ETH.
  • Achieving Roles: Score 100+ points in the JUMPEE beta to secure the Whitelisted role. For the elite jumpers who achieve 300+ points, the OG role awaits.

Join the Adventure:

For those eager to get a taste of JUMPEE, an offline beta version is now available for download on their official website: JUMPEE.io.

With its engaging mechanics, community-driven ecosystem, and the thrill of crypto integration, JUMPEE promises an unmatched jumping experience. So, are you ready to make the leap?

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