Fingers Frog

Fingers Frog

Get ready to experience a world where the commonplace takes center stage and each NFT is a unique narrative of the uninteresting.

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October 12

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October 14

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Details of Fingers Frog

Welcome to the boring world much like our own, where the ordinary takes center stage and the mundane holds its sway. They have dull, monotonous lives that mirror themselves. Their days are filled with a never-ending cycle of repetition, and they all have the same emotion of being suffocated by boredom.

These frogs have learned to like being bored. However, they have finally realized that the only thing that can stop them from growing bored is MONEY.

Mint schedule

  • Allowlist: October 11 at 9:00 AM GMT+3 – 0.008 ETH
  • Pre-sale: October 12 at 9:00 AM GMT+3 – 0.012 ETH
  • Public Sale: October 14 at 9:00 AM GMT+3 – 0.02 ETH Limit: 6 per wallet
Fingers Frog Nft

Get ready to experience a world where the commonplace takes center stage and each NFT is a unique narrative of the uninteresting. Each of the 3,000 NFTs in FINGERZ FROG: Vol. 1 represents a different aspect of boredom, ranging from mild to intense, where even the most routine events are filled with boredom.

Normal (50%) – They represent the essence of daily life. Their experiences are a reflection of the sighs and longings we all experience in everyday situations. They serve as evidence of the universal fact that there is beauty, even in the ordinary.

Medium (30%) – They offer a glimpse into the world of the uncommon within the ordinary. Their lives are devoid of excitement or curiosity, embracing the unique kind of boredom that is their existence.

Hard (10%) – Their stories are a testament to rare moments of profound monotony, where the mundane is celebrated for its very dullness.

Gold (7%) – They shine brightly in this world of monotony. Yet even having reached a level where even the most amazing experiences are sucked up by a constant sense of boredom, they nonetheless persist.

Rainbow (3%) – With them, rarity reaches its peak. These legendary frogs live in a world where terrible boredom permeates every aspect of existence and permeates every moment, even the most routine ones. Their extreme boredom radiates from within them like a rainbow on their skin.

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