CYBERFICTION aims for a decentralized community, creating value in the virtual realm. Ignite enthusiasm now!

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August 30

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September 6

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CYBERFICTION strives to establish a decentralized community that generates fresh value and profits through engagement within the virtual realm. Let’s ignite our enthusiasm!

Let’s discard considerations of age, gender, location, social status, and similar factors. Instead of competing or engaging in conflict, let’s collaborate and generously share with one another, fostering collective enjoyment.

This way, we can envision an alternative future that awaits not too far ahead.

Embrace the excitement! Let go of the constraints posed by age, gender, geography, and societal roles. Eschew the spirit of competition and conflict in favor of fruitful cooperation and shared experiences.

This unity will enable us to stand in the foreseeable future, gazing towards a novel horizon of possibilities.

CYBERFIELD becomes our canvas of play! It transforms into a radiant beach in the South Pacific, a cascade of hills in the Alps, and sometimes even a lunar landscape with Earth on the horizon.

This space grants us the freedom to revel in festivities, embark on daring escapades, and relish moments of tranquil reprieve. The realm shaped by the aspirations of CYBERFICTION! Together, we craft and possess this world.

Our journey is at its inception, and it commences with the creation of 10,000 digital avatars. The CYBERFICTION avatar embodies youthful vigor, robust health, and an unblemished essence.

Designed with a complete 3D cyborg concept, it stands as a reflection of who I am, a surrogate entity capable of inheriting my presence as my biological form naturally evolves over time.

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