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August 13

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About cre8ors

Welcome to Cre8ors, a visionary next-gen media brand crafted within the boundless realms of the metaverse.

Powered by a carefully curated collective of web3 creators, collaborative IP protocols, and AI-enabled NFTs, Cre8ors seeks to redefine the landscape of creative expression and financial empowerment.

At the heart of our vision lies the belief that over the next decade, the fusion of AI tools and blockchain technology will catalyze an exponential rise in creators worldwide, soaring from 50 million to an astounding 500 million.

Embracing this transformative wave, our mission is to forge the path towards becoming the internet’s premier creator community, unlocking the vast potential of creative and financial freedom for all.

Central to the Cre8ors experience is the coveted Cre8ors Collective Passport, a VIP entry ticket into our thriving ecosystem.

These exclusive ERC721 NFT tokens, anchored on the Ethereum blockchain, grant holders privileged access to all forthcoming Cre 8ors products and services.

With this passport in hand, our community members gain entry into a world of exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and state-of-the-art software tools, enriching their creative journey.

The benefits bestowed upon Cre 8ors Collective Passport holders are manifold:

  1. Allowlist Allocation: Enjoy priority access to all Cre 8ors drops, securing coveted spots in the most sought-after offerings.
  2. Cre8ors AiPEP Allowlist: Avail four exclusive allowlist spots for Cre 8ors AiPEP, opening doors to a groundbreaking experience.
  3. Early Protocols Access: Be among the first to experience and utilize Cre8ors Protocols, pioneering the future of decentralized media.
  4. Feeless Transactions: Bid farewell to transaction fees on Cre 8ors Protocols, liberating creators from unnecessary overheads.
  5. Voting Rights: Empower your voice by participating in crucial decision-making processes, shaping Cre8ors fund and media proposals.
  6. VIP Events: Enjoy VIP entry to all Cre8ors Collective events, connecting with like-minded creatives from around the world.
  7. User Profiles: Gain access to Cre 8ors Collective user profiles, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations.
  8. Priority IP Licensing: Showcase your work to potential licensors with priority access, nurturing your creative endeavors.

The Cre 8ors Collective Passport holds an air of exclusivity, with only 888 passports in existence, divided into two categories.

88 Founders Passports, reserved for our most dedicated community members during the “build-in-public” phase, and 800 Collective Passports, available to a private-sale reserve list.

The pricing for each Cre 8ors Collective Passport is 0.8 ETH, 88 Pendants, or a variation of both.

The Divine Ancestral Pendant NFTs, represented as ERC1155 tokens, serve as rewards for active involvement within our community, offering discounts on passport reservations.

The Reserve List, a private passport pre-sale, provides a unique opportunity for select contributors to secure their passports ahead of the public launch on June 30th, 2023.

These reservations are documented on-chain through the issuance of Cre 8ors Claim Tickets, each a unique ERC-721A NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Mark your calendars for June 30th, 2023, as this marks the public launch of Cre 8ors Collective Passports in collaboration with Magic Eden.

On this momentous day, claim your passport by burning your Cre 8ors Claim Ticket, cementing your place within our esteemed community.

Passports reserved via pendants are limited to one claim ticket per wallet, fostering inclusivity and diversity among our collectors.

In contrast, passports purchased in ETH have no mint limit, yet we remain committed to curating a community that embodies the spirit of creativity and collaboration.

At the heart of our creative endeavors lies the innovative AiPEP technology – Artificially Intelligent Protocol-Enabled Pictures – a testament to the fusion of AI and blockchain, fueling our Cre8ors PFP collection.

The CR8 Protocol serves as a revolutionary interoperable smart contract, harnessing the power of novel community-bonding mechanics and AI. It generates composable media catalogs at scale, elevating the potential for our creators.

The CR8 dApps, a series of eight decentralized applications built atop the CR8 Protocol, unlock boundless opportunities for Cre8ors to co-create, license, and receive compensation for new media IP forged on the blockchain.

With Cre8ors, we embark on an awe-inspiring journey, where creativity transcends boundaries, and financial freedom becomes an achievable reality for all.

Together, let us pave the path towards a future where artistry and technology unite, propelling creators to new heights of success and fulfillment.

Welcome to Cre 8ors, where the metaverse becomes our canvas, and innovation knows no bounds.

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