Crazy Frens

Crazy Frens

Billie and Jackie, two close friends residing in the Martian city of Dogtropolis, embark on a unique adventure.

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September 16

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September 16

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Details of Crazy Frens

Billie and Jackie, two close friends residing in the Martian city of Dogtropolis, embark on a unique adventure.

Billie, searching for a connection, encounters someone special through an interplanetary chatroom and decides to make the journey to Earth to meet this newfound friend.

Earth has evolved dramatically, with flying cars dominating the skies, nature’s balance disrupted, and humans integrated with AI kits within their minds.

Love and compassion have faded, forcing Billie and Jackie to confront a changed reality that reshapes their original intentions.

About Crazy Frens

Introducing the ‘Crazy Frens‘ collection, comprising 6,000 meticulously designed and randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Holders of ‘Crazy Frens’ NFTs gain access to exclusive events, including giveaways, bonus NFT opportunities, and more. Exciting developments lie ahead—explore our roadmap below.

  • ‘Crazy Pup’ NFTs, available free for all holders (only pay gas fees).
  • Holders can mint one ‘Crazy Pup’ for each ‘Crazy Frens’ owned.
  • A digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Collaborations with metaverse developers and platforms to introduce ‘Crazy Pups’ into virtual realms.
  • Periodic snapshots for holders to claim loot boxes filled with ETH rewards, discounts, whitelist privileges for other projects, and NFTs.
  • Development of a play-to-earn game as an additional utility for all holders.

As proud owners of ‘Crazy Frens’ NFTs, you possess intellectual property rights to the associated art. You may utilize the image as you see fit, as long as you maintain ownership of the NFT.

Profit-oriented use of the image ceases upon the NFT’s sale. We grant all holders comprehensive commercial rights to their NFT and its accompanying artwork.

This information offers insights into the captivating narrative behind ‘Crazy Frens’ without promotional intent.

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