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Crazy Catz

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July 25
- 13:30 UTC

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July 28
- 13:30 UTC

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About Crazy Catz Nfts

The Crazy Catz Nft collection is the next generation of experimental web3 collectibles. We are on a mission to bridge the digital with the physical through partnerships and collaborations within both Chinese and western cultures. 
Our genesis collection is comprised of 8,888 individually unique NFTs (designed by William Lindhorst) and is emblazoned with over 200 traits that are a reflection of both western and Asian culture. 
The impetus for this project stems from wanting to create an nft collection that forms real-world partnerships with established companies and up-and-coming brands, both in web3 and at large. 

Crazy Catz is focused on establishing an IRL brand through partnerships with companies such as, ”No Rules” alcohol company who have pledged 100k bottles for our NFT collection.

As well as a partnership with a large toy manufacturing company where we will be, creating our own collection of "Webknz", and bridging the gap between Web2-Web3. Allowing us to generate a revenue share for our NFT holders, who will receive 50% of the profits.

We are Crazy Catz. We scoff at the rules and set our sights on goals far beyond what society expects. To be crazy is to fight mediocrity. We are not reckless, as we control our crazy. This is our secret weapon.

All the greats were a little crazy. They leaned into their inner chaos and channeled it for their betterment. Our community embraces this idea and harnesses craziness to progress. Normal is forgotten, but crazy lives forever. See you in the inside...

You will join the Crazy Catz Discord server here.

Crazy Catz Road Map

IRL Meetups & Events: Our founding team will sponsor a series of real-world meetups, both crypto, and lifestyle related.

CrazyVerse: We aim to create a digital world that lives forever for all Catz to enjoy.

Charity Initiatives:  We aim to make donations to multiple charities for animals suffering from hardship.

Crazy Catz & No Rules: No Rules, one of China’s premier up-and-coming breweries, is partnering with us to bridge the gap between the real and digital world.

CC Design Lab: The CC Design Lab is a space for members of the community to help design garments to be released in our merch store.

Crazy Catz Toys: Manufactured and designed in tandem with China’s premier Shengyuan toy factory, we are releasing multiple variants of our Crazy Catz plushes both in person and online.

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