COURBET crafts eco-friendly jewellery with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. CO Genesis builds a brilliant community, while Ethereum reduces its environmental impact by 99.9%. COURBET's carbon-neutral mint supports charities.

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June 15

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June 22

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Details of Courbet

COURBET combines technology and heritage, offering sustainable jewelry crafted with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. CO Genesis initiates Courbet’s web3 journey, creating value for a passionate community. Ethereum’s reduced environmental impact enables COURBET’s carbon-neutral mint, with donations to charities.

About Courbet

COURBET’s web3 journey focuses on building a passionate and exclusive genesis community. Members will embark on thrilling adventures, with personalized attention in all future web3 activities. The first step is minting a lifetime membership pass NFT for access to CO Station’s lab and the CO Genesis experience. This pass unlocks a roadmap spanning beyond 2024. Diamond seed NFTs will be airdropped to each pass holder for growing their unique diamonds. Choices made along the journey will shape the experience, culminating in a custom 18K gold diamond set.

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