Boring Punks

Boring Punks

10,000 Punks created one to one in honor of OG CryptoPunks 🥱

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October 7

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October 7

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Details of Boring Punks

“Boring Punks” is an exciting NFT project that embraces the essence of simplicity while paying homage to the iconic CryptoPunks.

With the tagline “Being boring is more exciting than you think!”, this collection invites enthusiasts to experience the joy of ‘BoringGames’ and dive into the world of these unique collectibles.

About BoringPunks: Consisting of 10,000 distinct characters, BoringPunks stands as a tribute to the legendary CryptoPunks, pioneers in the NFT space. These characters are not just mere replicas but are crafted with a fresh perspective, bringing an edgy new look to the original NFT giants.

Boring Punks Nft

What Sets BoringPunks Apart? Each BoringPunk is a 2D art image, meticulously generated in a 1-to-1 ratio with CryptoPunks. The collection boasts 117 handmade traits, resulting in a diverse array of punky-looking characters.

While most are punk-inspired guys and girls, the collection also features rarer entities like Apes, Zombies, and the occasional Alien.

Total Supply and Trading: There are precisely 10,000 BoringPunks, ensuring exclusivity. No additional BoringPunks will ever be minted. Initially, CryptoPunks operated on a custom smart contract by Larva Labs.

To facilitate trading on ERC721-compatible platforms like Opensea, these characters underwent a “wrapping” process into an ERC721 token, known as Wrapped Punk. BoringPunks brings all 10,000 of these characters to life in their unique collection.

Intellectual Property Rights: One of the standout features of BoringPunks is the empowerment of its holders. When you mint or purchase a BoringPunk, you acquire the intellectual property rights for that specific token.

This model mirrors the precedent set by YugaLabs, granting holders unparalleled ownership and creative control.

Acquiring a BoringPunk: For those eager to join the BoringPunks community, the official minting will take place on their website on October 7. In a gesture of inclusivity, you can obtain 1 BoringPunks NFT per wallet absolutely free.

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