Bored Depressed Ape

Bored Depressed Ape

Introducing the world of Bored Depressed Ape, a remarkable collection of 733 collectible figures crafted as an homage to the legendary Bored Aps.

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August 19

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August 25

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Details of Bored Depressed Ape

Introducing the world of Bored Depressed Ape, a remarkable collection of 733 collectible figures crafted as an homage to the legendary Bored Aps.

These figures stand as a tribute to one of the earliest and most prominent instances of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Embrace the spirit of the Bored Depressed Ape, join us in celebration, and secure your very own piece if the original is beyond reach.

About Bored Depressed Ape

But what exactly is a Bored Depressed Ape? These unique creations manifest as 2D art pictures, meticulously designed with 117 handcrafted features, resulting in a distinctive angular aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from the pioneers of NFTs, we’ve given these figures a fresh, new look that pays homage to their origins.

The majority of the collection features endearing monkey-like characters, both boys and girls, while a select few represent rarer, more unique types.

The number of Bored Depressed Ape figures stands at an exact count of 733. A limited edition offering, no more of these intriguing pieces will ever be produced.

This exclusivity adds a layer of rarity and significance to each figure, making them all the more coveted among collectors and enthusiasts.

What is a Bored Depressed Ape?

A question often asked is whether the owners of Bored Depressed Ape figures hold the intellectual property (IP) rights to their acquisitions.

We want to assure you that when you mint or purchase your Bored Depressed Ape, you are not just gaining ownership of a digital collectible, but also the associated intellectual property rights.

This empowers you with an unprecedented level of personal responsibility and creative control over your cherished piece.

How many Bored Depressed Ape are there?

Now, the inevitable question arises: where can you get your hands on these captivating figures? We recommend navigating to Opensea, a premier platform for NFT transactions and collections.

Here, you’ll find a thriving community of collectors and traders who share your enthusiasm for these unique creations. Opensea offers a seamless and secure environment for acquiring your very own Bored Depressed Ape, ensuring that you become a part of this remarkable journey.

Do owners have the IP rights to their Bored Depressed Ape?

In conclusion, the world of invites you to embrace a fusion of art, technology, and creative expression.

With only 733 of these collectible figures in existence, each holds a special place within the NFT landscape.

Whether you’re an avid collector or a newcomer to the world of digital art, the collection offers an opportunity to own a piece of history and be a part of a burgeoning artistic movement.

So, venture forth, explore Opensea, and embark on a journey to secure your very own, joining a community of visionaries who appreciate the beauty and significance of digital artistry.

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