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Blockchain Mages

3 friends created a pixel art 2D action platformer game, now an NFT project. We chose Cardano for its loyal community. Gathering feedback, we'll create complex web3 games.

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July 12

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Details of Blockchain Mages

Approximately three months ago, my two friends and I made the decision to embark on a creative journey together.

Our goal was to develop a 2D action platformer game with charming pixel art aesthetics. Initially, it was merely a hobby project that we intended to publish on the gaming platform, Steam.

During the course of developing our game, we had the opportunity to meet with several game studios and received a range of offers.

However, none of us felt comfortable handing over the project we had poured our hearts into for months, relinquishing control over its creative direction and identity.

Consequently, we explored alternative avenues to introduce and promote our game.

About Blockchain Mages

Personally, we have been active participants in the web3 world for over two years, engaging with various communities and embracing decentralized technologies.

It was during this process that the idea of transforming our game into an Blockchain Mages NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project struck us like lightning.

While profitability was not our primary motivation, we recognized the potential for this venture to establish our studio’s reputation within the gaming industry.

Instead of focusing solely on financial gains, we devised a budget that would allow us to forge our own path.

By keeping the minting fees low, we aim to make our project more accessible and ensure that our servers remain open to the community.

Our intention is to inform our community that our game is already complete, rather than promising its eventual completion.

After researching various blockchains, we came to the realization that Cardano fell short in terms of promises and opportunities. Nevertheless, the Cardano community, although smaller in size compared to other chains, demonstrated unwavering loyalty to their projects.

This gave us confidence that there would be a sufficiently engaged audience to populate our servers. Hence, we have decided to embark on our journey using the Cardano network.

Together with our community, we will gather feedback from our first game to enhance its gameplay and mechanics.

As we establish ourselves as a renowned name in the web3 world, we will be empowered to develop more intricate and sophisticated games in the future.

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