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Unlock Your Desires with Bitchez Nfts! These digital gems aren't just collectibles; they're keys to your wildest dreams. Are you daring enough to own one?

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November 2

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November 2

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Details of Bitchez World

Bitchez is a decentralized crypto dating platform. Meet your favorite Onlyfans model.

For girls, its an opportunity not only to have a pleasant time but to get to know each other and to earn money honestly by setting the cost of a call/meeting on your own will.

For men, it is a unique place where they can meet the girl of their dreams. – Only 10,000 selected NFT owners from the male audience can use the platform.

The community is the main element of the success of any web3 project. The ideology of Bitchez World is to fairly share the profits from the entire project with our community.

Bitches World nfts

On the Bitchez World, we allow you to have lifetime ownership of the collection for everyone who mints the NFT on our Bitchez platform.
⁃ 2,5% of collection sales are divided between all who mint from a website (lifetime).
⁃ The second way to make money in our community is Proof of Stake. We have designed a built-in ecosystem on our platform that is based on royalties generated from full collection sales. 5% of collection sales are divided between all who stake Bitchez NFT.
⁃ The third stage is the launch of the Bitchez dating platform, where NFT holders will receive a royalty from each transaction on the platform – 12%.

Mint Bitchez NFT to become a lifetime owner of the collection. 2,5% of collection sales is divided between all who mint from a website (lifetime).

Stake Bitchez NFT. 5% of collection sales is divided between all who stake Bitchez NFT.

Remember, as with any NFT project, always do your due diligence and research before getting involved. So, we hope you enjoy the content, if you’re new to the Nft world then we highly suggest you follow Nft Giant to find the newest and fresh Nft collections and stay up to date with our Nft drops calender.

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