AvatarzClub GEN3.0

AvatarzClub GEN3.0

AvatarzClub is a thriving community where artists and club members share in the success together!

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November 30

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Details of AvatarzClub GEN3.0

AvatarzClub is a thriving community of NFT enthusiasts and collectors. With partnerships from talented artists, we bring you one-of-a-kind collections to admire and invest in.

Each collection boasts its own individuality, reflecting the personal style of the artist behind it. As a member of the club, you not only get to admire these one-of-a-kind pieces, but you also become a shareholder in the collections you hold, giving you a stake in their success.


About AvatarzClub GEN3.0

AvatarzClub is a thriving community where artists and club members share in the success together!

Every artist is a co-creator of the collection they produce, and members are stakeholders in the collection they own as Avatarz NFT holders.

The exciting club event kicks off with the debut of the remarkable GEN3.0 collections.

The distinctive AvatarzClub GEN3.0 collection features 444 unique, individually hand-drawn Avatarz NFTs, setting them apart just as each person is unique.

As a member of AvatarzClub, you’ll have access to a host of exclusive perks. This includes being whitelisted across all collections, priority for giveaways and raffles, the ability to vote in club decisions, early access to Avatarz NFT airdrops, special discounts on limited Club merch and co-branded products, and priority for exclusive Club events.

To join AvatarzClub as a member, the only thing you need is an “AVAC Member Token”!

You’ll always be first in line for exclusive giveaways, raffles, and whitelists for each new collection. Plus, you’ll score sweet members-only discounts on limited AvatarzClub gear and the power to shape the club’s future with your vote.

Be sure to follow us for an opportunity to secure a whitelist spot and become part of our exclusive club.

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