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July 29
- 01:00 UTC

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July 29
- 04:00 UTC

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About Atomo Nfts

"AtomoVerse Collective" is a 5555-piece collection of Atomo's from all over the AtomoVerse. All will be unique, stylish, and like nothing you've seen before. We're building the AtomoVerse for the future.

Genesis holders will receive the ability to mint 3 pieces + receive 1 FREE airdrop. This benefit is stackable with multiple genesis holdings.

We will always support those who support us and the 155's will receive added benefits alongside the AtomoVerse Collective.

Our vision for the Atomo brand is simple, to build a sustainable eco-system that continues to bring long-term value to the investor, community & brand.

In order for a brand to be successful within the NFT space, they need to have the ability to think in the future, be intuitive and be steps ahead of the market, constantly creating sustainable and long-term growth.

You will join the Atomo Discord server here.

Atomo Road Map

Animated Series: An animated series involving Atomo’s from all over the CC MultiVerse. You may want to be holding portals to get exclusive access to this collection…

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