Animal Reckless Party Club

Animal Reckless Party Club

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July 31
- 14:00 UTC

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About Animal Reckless Party Club Nfts

ARPC is a metaverse-oriented NFT brand aiming to become a "Mickey Mouse" of the web3. Our main goal is to become the biggest and the most recognizable metaverse character.

Animal Reckless Party Club is a PFP NFT collection aiming to become the most sustainable brand on the web3 market.

ARPC is partnering with both metaverse and real-world brands providing value to their communities and increasing ARPC brand awareness in the space. Having an experienced team of marketers, biz devs and sales managers we have already entered the game.

Every NFT owner holds a part of the brand and profits from its growth. Created and positioned as a brand from day one, ARPC is building recognition around its main character — the Turtle.

What would happen if you held Mickey Mouse's IP rights since 70 years ago? The same is possible for ARPC. Every token holder gets more than just an NFT, he gets part of the brand.

Getting more people on board, integrating the Turtle into the metaverse and web3 games, and building relationships with influencers grows the brand and its capitalization.

You just need to sit tight, hold strong and enjoy the process. You'll join  Animal Reckless Party Club Discord server here.

Animal Reckless Party Club Road Map

Partnerships with launchpads, NFT collections, technical web3 companies, DeFi protocols and more.

Rewarding early project adopters with additional drops, giveaways and minting perks and Launching an eco-campaign with out charity partners and Airdropping ARPC token.

Opening ARPC locations in popular metaverses and Partnerships with clothing brands an other physical manufacturers and Publishing GameFi strategy and Proceeding with partnerships and collaborations with brands and ambassadors.

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