3D paleto

3D Palet

3D Paleto is a unique NFT collection that brings to life 3D popsicles from the Freezerverse. Exclusively existing on the Polygon network with 444 unique 3D nfts.

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October 13

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October 13

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Details of 3D Palet

3D Paleto is a unique NFT collection that brings to life 3D popsicles from the Freezerverse. With a flavor and mood tailored for every personality, these popsicles are not just visually appealing but also resonate with individual tastes. Exclusively existing on the Polygon network, 3D Paleto offers a refreshing take on NFTs.

The journey of 3D Paleto began in 2021. It was the first collection introduced by the Freezerverse. However, the initial version did not have a smart contract.

Recognizing the evolution of the NFT space, Freezerverse is now launching a revamped 3D Paleto mint, featuring a brand-new style. This collection will comprise 420 NFT popsicles, each meticulously crafted for flavor enthusiasts.

The Freezerverse universe is a vibrant space of creativity, and at its forefront is the 3D Paleto collection. These aren’t just any popsicles; they are digital representations of flavors and moods, each meticulously crafted to resonate with different personalities. Exclusively minted on the Polygon network, the 3D Paleto collection is a testament to the blend of art and technology.

3D Paleto Nft

Hidden Treasures:
In celebration of the two-year journey since the inception of the first collection, Freezerverse has embedded a delightful surprise within the 3D Paleto. A whopping 85% of these digital popsicle sticks come with concealed prizes.

These hidden treasures can be unveiled and claimed on Discord once the entire collection finds its owners. The range of rewards is vast, from exclusive NFTs from other Freezerverse collections to the coveted MATIC tokens.

Journey Ahead – The Roadmap:

  • 2023 Q3: The quarter marks the grand launch of the 3D Paleto, accompanied by the rollout of the $HIELO token. Once the collection sells out, the prize distribution phase commences.
  • 2023 Q4: Freezerverse expands its offerings with the inauguration of a dedicated Merch Store. This quarter also sees the introduction of staking mechanisms, a unique raffle store, and the release of special edition NFTs.
  • 2024 Q1: The Freezerverse gets a tad spookier with the introduction of the Zombie Serum.
  • 2024 Q2: A new marketplace dedicated to the HIELO token is set to launch, offering users a seamless trading experience.

Behind the icy delights of the Freezerverse is the visionary Ivan Itsai, an accomplished industrial designer with a penchant for 3D design. Alongside him is Rodhz, a pivotal figure in the community, serving as a Discord moderator and the creative force behind the Zippes collection.

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